Assessments are done in the mornings and take about two and a half to three hours depending on the age of the child and tests the therapist uses.

The therapist will have an interview with the parents on the day of the assessment or with the feedback consultation to discuss the sensory profile and parent questionnaires the parents completed.

Test administration: Specialized tests and clinical observation and reasoning will be used to determine what the underlying difficulties are and to assess the child's development as well as age related and specific skills.

After the assessment the child's results are scored and a report is drawn up. The therapist makes contact with referring doctors or teacher's. In this way information is gathered on how the child is functioning in different environments and what the presenting problems are.

The therapist will have a feedback consultation with the parents in the following two weeks which takes about an hour. In this feedback she will explain the results and relate it to the child's presenting problems. A therapy plan and recommendations will also then be discussed.